Bending aluminium and stainless steel sheets up to 4000 mm

Bending Stainless Steel Sheets

Delta Mec is equipped with five bending stations,which allow the bending of sheet metal parts up to a length of 5000 millimetres. Stainless steel sheet metal bending is certainly one of the most frequent processes in the metalworking sector: by giving different shapes to the sheet metal, it is possible to create many basic elements for the construction of articles for any industrial application.


Aluminium and Stainless Steel Sheet Press Bending

The precision of processing is guaranteed by the high technology of the machinery. The control panel of the bending machines, which is numerically controlled, makes it possible to determine, memorise and control all the parameters required to perform the bending operation. Thanks to its machine inventory, the company can bend sheet metalwith complex and articulated shapes.

Optimal Results

Panelling, Speed, Quality and Control

Through the use of a state-of-the-art Codatto panelling machine, with bend angle control and thanks to the movement of the tools by axis interpolation, it is possible to achieve particular bend angles and optimum results in product finishing. Thanks to the use of this machine we can work on small or large batches of parts in a short time, without losing quality.

For Cylindrical And Conical Shapes


Calendering consists of passing the part or sheet between rollers, by which the sheet is deformed. Through this complex processing we can thus obtain cylindrical, conical or compound curved shapes.
The correct setting of the machine, excellent manual dexterity and fundamental knowledge of the material are essential.

Services and precision machining

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