Laser tubo

On different types of metal and different thicknesses

Laser Tube Processing

With a 4000 W system, Delta Mec can cut, drill and thread square, rectangular, round tubes and open profiles for thicknesses from 1 mm to 4 mm for stainless steel and aluminium; thicknesses from 1 mm to 10 mm for carbon steel.

taglio tubo

Laser Tube Systems for Processing Various Materials

Thanks to the new laser tube system, the engineering workshop can operate with maximum flexibility for different types of profiles and materials also thanks to the step loader.

Quick turnaround


Thanks to the use of the automated loader, which guarantees continuity in the unmanned work of the machine, Delta Mec has reduced the production time of individual orders and increased production efficiency.

The Power Of Technology

Laser Tube Technology: Performance without Compromise

Laser cutting is a system that allows:

The strength of laser technology certainly lies in its multi-functionality; in fact, it can work on different types of metal, both thin and thick. Simple or complex geometry can be designed and manufactured, even to customer drawings and for any industrial application: naval, furniture, lighting and plant engineering. Laser cutting processes parts and makes them ready for assembly, responding very effectively to the requirements of modern manufacturing that demands speed and economy.

Services and precision machining

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