Laser cutting of sheet sizes up to 4000 mm

Machinery and Devices

The fleet of machinery is one of the flagships of Delta Mec, which has:

Fast And Precise Processing

Engineering Workshop Machinery

The two available laser systems reach a power of 4000 W and are able to cut sheet metal up to 4000 X 2000 millimetres. The versatility of the laser allows staff to perform even complex cuts without reducing the precision level. The numerically controlled punching area is fast and extremely precise on both geometric and irregular lines.

Delta Mec is also equipped with five bending stations and a panelling machine that can process lengths of up to 5000 millimetres. In the case of large series, the presses are upgraded with a special robotised island.
Both TIG and MIG welding is carried out, mainly on thin thicknesses. Processing ends with the cleaning stages of the semi-finished product such as pickling in the case of stainless steel, assembly, packaging and final delivery to the customer. Everything within the given timeframe.

taglio laser

Services and precision machining

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