Delta Mec was founded by the entrepreneurial initiative of two partners, active in the field of metal processing for thirty years. The company started its activity in 1991 inside a modern plant located in the industrial area of ​​Vedelago.

There are some factors contributing to the growth and success of the company, such as:
Cutting-edge tools;
Staff professionalism;
Daily organization of the work;
Clear management;
Focus to customers’ requests.
Therefore, customers can enjoy the benefits coming from their relationship with a versatile, dynamic, accurate and reliable company.


The work is organized in a synchronous manner. The raw materials arrive at the laser-cutting department and then go immediately through other departments, up to the welding stage. In this way, customers can always rely on compliance with the working times communicated at the time of contracting.


The availability of Cad/Cam computerized systems for the design area lets the company simplify even the most complex projects.
In this way, the company provides customers with the extreme precision of its production for any type of article. Moreover, thanks to these modern systems, the production time, of the first piece in particular, is reduced.